Dave in Charge, David Palmer, Releases 'Habitat', Possibly The Poshest Rap Song Ever

Meet Dave In Charge, The Poshest Rapper EVER

Also known as 25-year-old David Palmer, the grandson of Lib Dem Lord and Lady Palmer has released possibly the poshest rap video ever.

Palmer bills himself as a "Conscious Rap Artist" and his latest offering, 'Habitat' is causing quite a stir online.

While the song musing "our vulnerability to nature and how nature will always win, or will it?" has been described as "embarrassing" and "cringeworthy", at least he's had a pop at it.

The video - filmed at his parents’ suburban home in Golders Green and leafy Hampstead Heath - has been viewed nearly 40,000 times online.

Palmer doesn't seem to be taking the criticism too seriously. He wrote on his website: "The media is overstating what it means to be grandson of a Lord.

"I’m not rich, didn’t go to private school and I am down to earth. Read my lyrics!

"Enjoying the controversy – many thanks!

Palmer claims to be inspired by Eminem and plans to release an album later this year.


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