'Uncontacted' Amazon Ashaninka Tribesmen Brandish Spears At Plane (PICTURES)

A group of “uncontacted” Amazon tribesmen peer out from a jungle clearing in these remarkable pictures.

Dressed in loincloths and clutching spears, as many as five men believed to be of the 200-strong Ashaninka tribe can be seen.

The images were taken from a plane flying over a community in the Amazon basin near the Xinane river in Brazil on 25 May close to the border with Peru, Reuters reports.

Members of the Ashaninka tribe brandish spears at a passing aircraft

According to ITV, the tribe was first identified as “uncontacted” in 2011 via a series of satellite images.

Survival International defines uncontacted tribes as those which choose to reject contact with outsiders. It adds they are among the most vulnerable people on the planet.

Oil workers and illegal loggers are invading the lands of uncontacted tribes in Peru, pushing them onto the Brazilian borderlands and threatening to wipe them out. To sign a petition to prevent this from happening, click here.

Uncontacted Amazon tribe

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