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Ollie Locke: The Fox Problem, Why He Won't Watch 'Made In Chelsea' And The Fate Of Those Union Jack Trousers...

Ollie Locke has something big to confess… okay, he’s just going to say it. He’s actually a… workaholic.

The former tousle-haired one from ‘Made in Chelsea’ is coming to the end of his gig, co-hosting 'The Fox Problem' (watch the last show streamed above), and he’s happy to have learned a lot about live TV.

ollie lock

Ollie Locke is carving out a TV career, starting with The Fox Problem

“It’s great fun when we f*** up, getting talkback in my ear while interviewing someone,” he tells HuffPostUK.

“It’s been an amazing experience, with the three of us co-hosting. We’ve all become a little delusional family.”

This isn’t the first time Ollie has bonded massively with his on-screen peers. During his time on ‘Made in Chelsea’, it was Fran and Cheska who got the benefit of his loyal counsel and intense, unswerving gaze when discussing the latest disasters to befall this privileged bunch.

During his stint in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house earlier this year, Ollie’s charm endeared him to both the girls and boys. What’s his secret?

“I like friendships and I love people,” he says, chomping on a healthy yoghurt. You don’t get skin like Ollie’s eating pizza.

“I’ve never done anything just for telly in my whole life. I’ve hung out with Dappy since the show, Casey (Batchelor) is coming with me and three friends to Cornwall this weekend. It’s all real. People don’t believe that, but it’s true.”

Err, what about Sam Faiers Ollie, the lady to whom Ollie seemed even more drawn than the rest of the inmates, sorry, housemates?

For the first time, Ollie adopts a more considered tone. “No, we haven’t spoken,” he admits. “But if she’s happy, I’m happy.”

Ollie has made it clear he won’t be returning to the set of ‘Made in Chelsea’ – “those days are firmly behind me” – but I wonder if he’ll be tuning in for the new series? He shows an impressive determination and self-awareness in replying…

“No, and that’s for self-preservation. I don’t want to ever miss it. But it’s something in my past. They were wonderful to me but, for now, I need my own career, I need to attend to my own thing.

“It can get terribly awkward if I’m in a nightclub, and they start playing the theme tune. It happens a lot. I think the DJ does it on purpose.”

So, it seems those Union Jack trousers won’t be tripping the light fantastic towards Sloane Square again any time soon then…

“They’re at the top of my cupboard,” he reveals. “They might come out again at some point.

“What’s sadder is my Union Jack car. I tried to start it yesterday, and it just sat there crying, like Brum. I’ve promised to keep it until my sister’s wedding, which is next month, and then it might just have to go.”

The last show in the series is on tonight at 7.30pm. You can watch via the stream above, or click here.

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