ollie locke

A mark of equality, a nod to family, or just a way to get a cooler name?
"I like the idea that his family and my family will be joined together."
Gay, straight or any shade in between: dating’s changed.  We’re past the tried and true method of ‘gets drunk in bar, makes
Bear Grylls and Channel 4 have come under fire from animal charities, over a scene in his latest show ‘The Island’, which
This, I have decided, is the year for change. This is the year that I will have sex more than three times, fall outrageously in love, stop eating chocolate as a pre-bed snack and, obviously, have less than 12% of body fat. However for now whist I decide where to start we best have a celebratory drink, although best make mine a slimline!
I feel that we should all be free to do what we want, but I always feel like by the third date, foreplay should almost certainly be guaranteed, if not sex, by society's rules. I've always heard that date three is the right night to really ramp it up.
With the quite frankly mass of modern social media and dating apps, meeting the one is quite frankly impossible, but finding 40million bizarre ones, a one night stand or some naughty sexting is just a swipe away.
Now if us men are going to reach for the grooming cabinet and use a bit of help whether it be a bit of fake tan or perhaps shaping of the eyebrows we need to make sure it's subtle. I'm sure we have all been guilty of dodgy fake tan lines or going overboard with the tweezers!