11 Nostalgia-Inducing Images Of The Fairy Tale World Created By Katerina Plotnikova (PICTURES)

11 Haunting Images From The Fairy Tale World Of Katerina Plotnikova (PICTURES)

A beautiful girl holds out her hand for a bear to tenderly kiss, while red-headed sisters cuddle with tiny hedgehogs. One girl clutches a fox to her chest – whilst wearing a familiar red hood.

Welcome to the fairy tale world created by Moscow-based photographer Katerina Plotnikova. Plotnikova used no Photoshopping for this series – instead relying on the skills of two professional animal trainers.

While there is something undeniably charming about these images, there is a sinister feel to them as well.

Perhaps it’s the misty, non-descript backgrounds upon which the scenes are shot. Perhaps it’s because we all know the fate which befell Little Red Riding Hood...

alt="Photograph Untitled by Katerina Plotnikova on 500px">

Untitled by Katerina Plotnikova on 500px


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