Chile Earthquake: 15 Heartbreaking Images Of Devastation As Residents Flee Their Homes (PICTURES)

15 Heartbreaking Images Of Devastation In Quake-Hit Chile

Scenes of utter devastation have emerged after an enormous earthquake struck off northern Chile's coast.

The massive quake, measuring a magnitude of 8.2, triggered a tsunami, and a rapidly climbing death toll.

A 6.9 foot wave struck the coast of Iquique, which caused the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre to issue a warning of further tsunamis in multiple countries, including Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mexico, but the warning has now been rescinded for 14 of Chile's neighbours.

Shocks from the monster quake were felt as far afield as Bolivia's capital La Paz, about 290 miles away, and also in Peru.

The Chilean president, Michelle Bachelet, has called on residents to maintain calm and said a full damage estimate would be made at daybreak. Bachelet immediately announced a visit to northern Chile and confirmed that Brazil, Peru and Argentina had offered material support.

Heartbreaking images have shown Chileans calmly evacuating coastal areas on foot, with policemen helping bundled-up elderly people and some residents loading up vehicles with their belongings.

"We're leaving with the children and what we can, but everything is clogged up by people fleeing buildings by the beach," said 32-year old Liliana Arriaza, who was driving away with her three children.

Here, these incredible images show the struggle faced by stranded residents across Chile's northern coast:

Chile Earthquake

Chile Earthquake


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