Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs. iPhone 5S: Which Is Best?

Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs iPhone 5S

February's announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S5 not only raised the South Korean giant's game in the smartphone space - it also made gave its flagship almost precisely the same name as Apple's.

Of course there are big differences between the two phones - and big choices to be faced by anyone looking to upgrade between now and the S5's release on 11 April.

So what are the key differences? How do the cameras and processors compare, which apps are exclusive to both platforms and what features does each have that you won't get elsewhere?

There are other considerations too - and ones which aren't about objective 'bests' but material factors like screen size, battery life, software options and lots of other differences.

Ahead of the S5's release, Future have taken a look at which most deserves your money.

Take a look at their comparisons above.


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