Lego Is A Tool Of Satan, That Turns Children To The Dark Side, Warns Priest

'Lego Is A Tool Of Satan, That Turns Children To The Dark Side'

Much-loved plastic blocks, or a tool of Satan that can destroy children's souls? Lego may have a very sinister ulterior motive, a priest has warned.

Polish priest Slawomir Kostrzewa claimed Lego has moved to the dark side with their newly released Monster Fighters and Zombie figures range, which he slammed as being “about darkness and the world of death”.

Pure evil?

“Friendly fellows have been replaced by dark monsters, “ he said.

“These toys can have a negative effect on children. They can destroy their souls and lead them to the dark side.”

The Lego Monster range includes Lord Vampyre, a Dracula-type character who fights other Lego characters as he battles to “cloak the world in darkness”.

Father Kostrzewa pointed to New Zealand research that showed Lego facial expressions have become angrier and are increasingly based on conflict, and that this could affect children’s development.

“Facial expressions maybe lead to confusion between good and evil,” he said.

“It appears the good suffer in battle and the ‘villains’ have a face showing satisfaction with their evil deeds.”

The priest has in the past also accused Hello Kitty and My Little Pony as being forces for evil, calling My Little Pony a “carrier of death”.

Lego have not commented on whether they are being controlled by evil forces, yet.


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