Meet Mr And Ms University, The Winners Of First Ever Student Bodybuilding Competition

Meet Mr And Ms University

Matt Sallis and Holly Welch aren't your typical university students. In fact, they're now known as Mr and Ms University after winning the UK's first ever student bodybuilding competition.

The event took place in Leicester over the weekend and saw 40 finalists from more than 20 universities across England, Scotland and Wales flex their muscles to compete for the crowns.

After a gruelling four hours Sallis, a strength and conditioning student at the University of Plymouth, was crowned the first Mr University, while Holly Welch, who studies physical education at Sheffield Hallam University, took the Ms University bikini competition.

Hosted at the Leicester O2 Academy, celebrity fitness models sat on the judging panel, including WBFF Pro and Natural bodybuilding champion, Jamie Alderton. A whopping 32,000 people from around the world tuned in to watch a live stream of the show that was sponsored by Microsoft.

Mr University winner Matt Sallis 2

Mr and Ms University

The competition was created by three fitness fanatic students, David Bissell, Sean Lee Rice and Max Kalu, who hope to dispel stereotype that young people at university are lazy and unhealthy.

The lucky winners received automatic entry into the Fit Factor competition and a photo shoot with a professional fitness photographer. They also received an array of prizes from the shows sponsors Microsoft, NRG Fuel, Vascularwear, Musclefoods and WheyHey.

Sallis described the show as “the perfect presentation of dedicated and ambitious students who all supported and encouraged each other” with Ms University winner Holly Welch adding: “Maybe we can change the stereotype from lazy to lean!”.


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