Nest 'Smart' Thermostat To Launch In The UK

Nest 'Smart' Thermostat To Launch In The UK

Your phone is smart, your tablet is smart and your gaming console is smart. Your watch is smart, your exercise regime is smart, and even your toothbrush is increasingly brainy.

It's time to bring your thermostat up to speed.

The Google-owned 'smart home' company Nest is set to launch its market-busting smart thermostat in the UK for the first time.

Designed to work with almost any UK boiler or heating system - no mean feat, considering the wild variety of types we have here compared to the standardised US market - the Nest intends to save you money by learning what temperature you want your home to be, and when.

It is similar to several other products already available in the UK, including Tado.

The Nest automatically turns down your heat when you're away, and can be remotely controlled from your mobile home.

Nest claims that customers in the US experience average savings of 20% using the device - though it remains to be seen whether the UK will see similar cost reductions.

The system totally replaces the heating programmer or scheduler on your boiler, and wirelessly communicates with a neat, rolling thermostat placed on your wall. It builds a history of your energy use, claims to reduce temperature swings and can prolong the life of your heating system.

It costs £179 but Nest recommends you have it installed by a trained professional, which could increase the cost to £249. You can get it online or at Apple, Amazon, B&Q and John Lewis stores.

Fortunately there are also deals in place if you're an Npower customer - head over to Nest's website to find out more.


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