03/04/2014 08:48 BST | Updated 03/04/2014 09:59 BST

This Easter Egg Will Set You Back £28,000... What A Bargain!


If you’ve got money to burn this Easter and a Cadbury’s creme egg just won’t do, why not splash £28,000 on a luxury easter egg at Harrods?

Of course, at that price, there's more to this egg than confectionery.

Instead of sugary white goo or a packet of Smarties, the luxury ‘Shawish Easter Surprise' contains a giant diamond pendant on an 18-carat white gold chain – just don’t break your teeth on the way in.

The chocolate is hand-crafted by an award-winning Swiss chocolatier, Philippe Pascoët, and is made of the finest chocolate blend with intricate, handmade, 65% Venezuelan chocolate ornaments and gold dust to decorate the outside.

Mohamed Shawesh, Founder and Designer, says: ‘The Egg hunt at Harrods London is like celebrating the sweet taste of Easter with a magical touch and a dazzling surprise. Shawish is the agent provocateur of the Haute Joaillerie, centered around storytelling, desires and Alice in Wonderland.’


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