07/04/2014 06:32 BST | Updated 07/04/2014 06:59 BST

Good News, Barack Obama Selfies May Be Banned By The White House

No more of this sort of thing
ROBERTO SCHMIDT via Getty Images
No more of this sort of thing

Good news. The White House may ban people from taking selfies with president Obama. Which is great. Because this politician selfie thing is getting out of control.

Dan Pfeiffer, one of Obama's senior advisers, told CBS' Face The Nation on Sunday that the administration may have to crack down on the trend in the wake of a selfie-induced scandal.

On April 1 the president agreed to a selfie with baseball player Big Papi. The tweeted image got tens of thousands of retweets. But it turned out the picture was a PR stunt orchestrated by Samsung.

"He [Obama] obviously didn't know anything about Samsung's connection to this," Pfeiffer said. "Someone who uses the president’s likeness to promote a product... that’s a problem."

Pfeiffer added: "Maybe this will be the end of all selfies."

Big Papi is not the first person to get in trouble for taking a selfie with the president. In February, White House officials got annoyed at French journalists for snapping photos of themselves with Obama. The reporters were told it was "not the done thing" to take a picture of oneself with a mobile phone with two heads of state in the president’s official office.

And of course the president himself got in to a spot of bother after agreeing to a selfie with the Danish prime minister and David Cameron during Nelson Mandela's memorial.

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