08/04/2014 08:07 BST | Updated 08/04/2014 08:59 BST

40 Things From Your Teenage Years All Students Will Relate To

The definitive list of 40 things from your teenage years every student will relate to:

1. One person bringing a bottle of vodka to the party and everyone cosying up to them in hopes of getting a shot (or two)

2. Obsessively watching 90210 and Gossip Girl (illegally online) on a weekly basis and not knowing what to do when each season ended

gossip girl

We all dreamed of being one of them

3. Attempting to go blonde using a dye-at-home kit and ending up with an alarming shade of orange

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4. Wearing either Abercrombie, Hollister, Jack Wills or Gilly Hicks head to toe


And queuing up to get a photo with one of these lot

5. Wearing brogues as school shoes in an attempt to be ‘different’ and ‘cool’

6. Spending hours trying to perfect beachy waves that will stay put for longer than 10 minutes

beach hair

Sigh, our hair never looked this good

7. Also getting your belly button, cartilage and nose pierced in an attempt to be ‘edgy’ and ‘cool’

8. Buying a multitiude of Topshop camis, crop tops and Jamie jeans for that perfect casual look


9. Absolutely HAVING to have a Blackberry so you could BBM all of your friends

10. Then begging for an iPhone because your Blackberry can’t keep up with all of your social media needs


The freedom!

11. Routine trips to Starbucks before or after college, because drinking coffee makes you seem ‘cool’ and ‘mature’ (and their frappuchinos are amazing)

12. The horror of accidentally liking the boy you fancy’s profile picture from months ago when scrolling through his profile

13. Trying to think of witty and topical things to make a Facebook status about

14. Starting a blog or Twitter account in the hopes you’ll become internet famous because of your quirky personality and charm

15. Coming up with code names for boys you like (and girls you dislike) so they wont know you’re talking about them if they see your messages or overhear you


Even better if the code names were hilarious

16. Having no WIFI and feeling like you're living in a post-apocalyptic world

17. Getting with a boy at a house party, only to realise he’s got with one of your friends earlier on in the night

18. Trying to fit all your schoolbooks into the Topshop or Zara handbag that’s currently ‘in’

19. Coming up with an imaginative theme for your house party that hasn’t been done by your social group before (favourites being a toga party or having to come as something that also starts with the same letter as your first name)

fancy dress

The more original the theme, the better

20. The awkward moment when you picked up your folder and all of the paper fell out, leaving you to desperately try to shove it all back in before everyone noticed

21. Asking round the common room for someone’s ID to borrow so you can go out clubbing on the Friday night

22. Then trying to convince yourself the bouncer will be fooled by the very believable story of how you’ve had corrective surgery on your nose and dyed your hair blonde since that photo was taken

23. Taking pictures of every social event with the cool people to make people think you are really popular


See?! Look how cool I am!!

24. Being fraped by your best friend, who changes your birthday to the next day, and cringing when people you’re friends with start wishing you happy birthday

25. Relating to every one of Adele’s songs after breaking up with your boyfriend

upset woman

She understands our emotional needs

26. Being devastated when the Harry Potter series ended and shedding a tear (or more) when watching the final film

27. Arriving in school and being told by your friends you have foundation all over your collar, and a very obvious foundation mark along your jaw line

28. Asking your friends if a specific person was online on MSN so you could check if they had blocked you

29. The unfortunate death of Bebo as Facebook suddenly became popular

30. Trying, and failing, to get the perfect brow shape, that was neither too thin nor too thick


We never achieved these

31. Desperately trying to squeeze into your skinny jeans

32. Spending all your pocket money on Sims 2 and all of the expansion packs, only to use motherlode a dozen times and make your Sims fabulously wealthy so they can live a life of leisure and have 8 kids

33. Going to your first festival with your friends and taking lots of photos so everyone on Facebook knows how cool you are

reading festival

Reading 2K10 was the best time of your life

34. Also booking a trip to the likes of Kavos or Ayia Napa and thinking it will be exactly like sun, sex and suspicious parents

35. The excitement of getting a ‘trip hoody’ which you then wore constantly

36. Eating at Wagamama and always ordering chicken ramen or chicken katsu curry


Pure heaven

37. Taking 1076 photos with your best friends in the Apple store, then emailing yourself the best ones to upload to Facebook later on that night

38. Hiding behind a rail of clothes in the shopping centre when you see your teacher to avoid having to talk to them

39. Then noticing they’re holding hands with somebody and wearing normal looking clothes, SCANDALOUS

gay couple

OMG, we couldn't wait to get into school and tell everyone!

40. Reading the sex sections of Cosmopolitan aloud to your friends and laughing uncontrollably at it