09/04/2014 06:28 BST | Updated 09/04/2014 06:59 BST

Facebook Page 'Soldiers Deserve To Be Raped And Murdered' Taken Down (But Not Because Of Content)

Facebook's bizarre policy on content - beheadings yes, nipples no - has been called into question again over a page entitled "Soldiers deserve to be raped and murdered".

It's been around since last year and understandably caused concern amongst many but the social media site declined to remove it saying it didn't breach it's rules.

The page was finally taken down but not because of it's content but because the creator's details were found to be fake.


The offending page

Stef Proietti, administrator of a page that supports Royal Marine commandos, told the BBC: "You've got to show respect for the men and women who have fought and died for others to hold their own opinions.

"It creates hatred and causes anger.I appreciate that a lot of these types of pages are set up by what you would call internet trolls looking to create a reaction.

"But, as we've seen in the past... it creates more tension, not just among the social network's community but it also spills out into real life."

Facebook continue to defend their position saying they only remove content when they perceive a direct threat to someone.

A spokesman said: "In such cases the page may be left up. However, we can compel people who post things like this to make their real names visible so they are publicly accountable for their views."

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