09/04/2014 06:44 BST | Updated 09/04/2014 09:59 BST

This Is Why You Don't Smash Your New Samsung Galaxy S5 With A Hammer

There are lots of obvious reasons not to hit a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone repeatedly with a hammer. Among the reasons is the fact that it's a really good, expensive phone. Another is that frankly, in the annals of web viral videos, it's been done.

Still that didn't stop one YouTube user trying to prove, well, something by repeatedly smashing up his brand new phone with a lump hammer.

Unfortunately for him, it turns out there is another reason not to do what he did: the phone is comprised in large part of a volatile battery filled with acid. And when you smash it with a hammer, it does very bad things indeed.

Watch on to find out what happens when you forgo all advice and do something very stupid to try and get hits on YouTube.