Campus Style At Exeter University

University fashion and style are both things which vary widely, not only between campuses, but also within them. Today we're taking a look at what students are wearing at Exeter University.

Well known for its competitive sports teams and high intake of Surrey students, Exeter style is often thought to consist mainly of sports stash and Jack Wills. While this may be true for some, the majority of students show a true knack for fashion.

From denim pinafores to tie dye t-shirts, Exeter students wear it all.

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Name: Liv Price

Course Studied: English

Wearing: Topshop MOM jeans and crop top, Urban Outfitters cardigan

Favourite Fashion Trend: Gap Year Chic

Name: Jia Hong

Course Studied: Accounting and Finance

Wearing: Zara shirt, Burberry scarf, Topshop jeans, Dr Marten boots

Favourite Fashion Trend: Vintage

Name: Ian Stephenson

Course Studied: Business and Management

Wearing: ASOS jumper, Pull and Bear jeans, Puma trainers

Favourite Fashion Trend: Aztec and Tribal prints

Name: Ziggy

Course Studied: Computer Science

Wearing: Topman shit, Zara t-shirt, River Island jeans, Air Force

Favourite Fashion Trend: Anything inspired by Nike

Name: Alice Woods

Course Studied: Classics

Wearing: Tie Dyed top, Urban Outfitters Jeans, Doc Marten boots

Favourite Fashion Trend: Doesn't really have one, prefers quirky, handmade pieces

Name: Eleanor Alexander

Course Studied: Drama

Wearing: Urban Outfitters shirt, Topshop pinafore, Doc Marten boots

Favourite Fashion Trend: Vintage Grunge

Name: Kasheina Vencatasawmy

Course Studied: English

Wearing: Vintage shoes, blouse and coat and Zara shorts

Favourite Fashion Trend: Vintage and retro, especially anything inspired by the 60s

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