10/04/2014 10:01 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Natural Beauty: Ben Hopper's Photography Collection Features Models With Armpit Hair

London-based photographer, filmmaker and artist Ben Hopper has released a new collection of photos championing "Natural Beauty".

The project challenges the ideals of beauty in today's industry by showcasing a series of women bearing armpit hair.


"It started as a joke about contemporary art and how a lot of artists create a body of repetitive work only to be treated seriously by overwhelmed audiences," Hopper said about the project.

"I thought photographing a lot of really beautiful women with armpit hair would make a similar effect."

Such raw images of beauty will undoubtedly be overwhelming to many (underarm hair equals not sexy, not attractive right?) but there's no reason why they should be. This is REAL, this is beautiful and this is women refusing to live according to the way fashion and beauty brands dictate.


Speaking about the models used for the shoot, Hopper said, "It's a varied collection of women. Most simply open minded individuals. Some I know from previous work, some I get introduced to, some contact me.

"Some grew the hair especially for the pictures, some contacted me when they already had fully grown hair."



The collection is beautiful, refreshing and a true reflection of the way women live. Armpit hair should not be about making a statement or be particularly indicative of feminism. It's completely natural and completely down to the individual.

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