Samsung Unveils UK's First Curved 4K TVs - For £4,000 A Pop

Samsung has unveiled the UK's first Curved Ultra High Definition televisions.

The amazing new displays are subtly concave, and are designed to draw in the viewer with a richer, deeper picture.

And having seen it we have to admit the effect is pretty impressive. Even though the demos we've seen are in 2D, the impact is similar to a decent 3D telly - or a great curved cinema screen. The details seem to envelope the viewer, and jump out of the screen.

Alas, there are downsides. In this case, the cost.

The new HU8500 series starts at £2,699 for the 55-inch model and an eye melting £3,999 for the 65-inch. The TVs are on sale from the 14th of April in the UK.

And don't go looking for a cheaper version at a lower price-point. You won't find one for good reason - the effect really depends on having a big enough screen to wrap around you.

At the launch event last night in London's 'Gherkin' skyscraper, cinematographer John Mathieson said that the TVs were in his mind as big an advance - or more - than 3D in the home.

Andy Griffiths, President of Samsung UK & Ireland said; “Technology has revolutionised the way we consume entertainment, and we believe that the Samsung curved UHD TV is the next phase in this revolution. We have high hopes that it will be the next big step-change in how we watch and enjoy our movies, box sets, soaps at home.”