14/04/2014 10:52 BST | Updated 14/04/2014 10:59 BST

Britons Take The Most Legal Highs, Are The Most 'Delusional Drinkers' And Have The Most Reckless Youth, Drugs Survey Finds

British people takes the most legal highs, are the most 'delusional drinkers' and have the most reckless youth in the world, according to the most extensive international drugs survey undertaken.

The 10th annual Global Drugs Survey, which polled around 80,000 people from 17 countries and seeks to track trends in drugs and educate people about their potential harm, found a third of Britons classed as dependent on alcohol claimed they drank it at a "less than average" rate and that a third of its young people admitted to having taken a "mystery white powder".

A total of 12% of British respondents said they had tried a legal high in the last year, the highest of any country.

A third of Britain's youth said they had taken a 'mystery white powder'

The report also assessed value for money and found MDMA had the dubious distinction of being "the best value for money drug in the world". Cocaine is the most expensive and considered the worst value for money drug, the survey found.

Internationally, only around 5% of people claim to have taken "legal highs" or research chemicals but this figure stood at 10% for the UK, the highest of any country that took part in the survey.

Britain also came top for the proportion of us who have bought drugs online - around 22%, compared with an international average of around half that.


But there are areas where Britain did not come first. The number of us who admit to having turned up to work hungover - 46% - puts us joint second with Hungary, behind the Republic of Ireland, where 50% admitted to it.

Britain was also second for the proportion of people who admit going to work while coming down from the effect of drugs - over 20% - behind the Dutch with 25%. New Zealand had the lowest rate at 8%.