Simon Cowell Does His Own Shopping? 'X Factor' Boss Pushes Trolley Around LA Supermarket (PICS)

'Does Anyone Want Anything While I'm At The Shop?'

Of all the things we expected paparazzi to catch Simon Cowell doing, calling into his local supermarket was pretty near the bottom of our list.

The ‘X Factor’ boss and music mogul is - let’s face it - absolutely loaded, so the last thing we imagined was that he’d do his own grocery shopping - and yet here is is.

Erm... can't Simon Cowell pay someone to do this for him?

Simon was photographed pushing a shopping trolley around a supermarket in LA while talking on the phone - we can only imagine he was calling his agent to find out why he’s had to resort to doing his own shopping, despite his vast fortune.

Still, we have to admit that there’s something refreshing about seeing Simon doing his own shopping, as it shows that his feet are still on the ground. A tiny bit. Just.

Don't be fooled by the rocks that he's got, he's still Simon from the block etc.

Seriously - what is going on here?

Although the photos show Simon with an empty trolley, we think we have a good idea of what would have been in his trolley if photographers had caught him at the end of his big shop: enough hairspray to keep his trademark flat-top hairstyle looking its best, some masking tape to put down the middle of the 'Britain's Got Talent' judging table so David Walliams stays on his side, and some nice potted plants for Sinitta to make an outfit out of.

All we can say is that obviously fatherhood has humbled him a bit. And we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for millionaires next time we do our weekend shop...

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