Man Let Baby Son Die Because He Was Too Addicted To Online Video Games

A man in South Korea has admitted letting his two-year-old son die because he was addicted to playing online video games.

According to Yonhap Newsvia Kotaku, the 22-year-old man admited that he would left his son at home alone for days at a time while he was playing League of Legends and Sudden Attack at internet cafes.

The man, with the last name Chung, said he had been living apart from his wife -- who he also met in an online game.

But instead of taking care of his son, Daegu city police said Chung would play games for days on end -- and only look in to see him every two or three days.

As well as playing games the man would also visit sauna houses.

But on March 7 the - arguably inevitable - tragedy struck, when the man found his son dead at home.

It is suspected, though not confirmed, that the young boy starved to death while his father was away.

Chung then threw the body away in a rubbish bin, and claimed the boy was at a babysitters - whereupon he went back to playing games.

He has now confessed to the crime, according to South Korean news sites.

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