Boston Marathon Bombing Survivors Pose For Inspiring, Defiant Images One Year On (PICTURES)


Survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing, which took place one year ago on Tuesday, have taken part in a remarkable photo project that showcases the survival of their spirit against the odds.

The survivors, who included those who underwent amputations after the bombing, returned to the marathon finish line for portraits that show them bearing messages of hope, survival and defiance on their skin, as part of the Dear World portrait project.

The group marathon runners and first responders who were on the scene after the bomb went off.

Dear World portrait project founder Robert X. Fogarty said: “These survivors show us what it means to keep moving forward. And I’m honored and humbled that many of them said that the Dear World experience has been another component to their healing.”

Celeste Corcoran, a double amputee, said: “This is the first time that I was back at the finish line. I had never been back and for me this was about reclaiming it. That finish line has been a negative space since the marathon. I chose to be there. I took back control.”

 Celeste Corcoran

Boston Marathon: Survivors and Responders

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