James Dyson Says Clean Rivers With Giant Vacuums (Naturally)

Clean Rivers With Giant Vacuums Says James Dyson (Naturally)

Serial inventor of all things sucky and blowy, James Dyson, now wants to clean rivers with giant vacuum cleaners - as you do.

Plastic in river and oceans is a massive environmental problem - just look at the Great Pacific garbage patch, a floating debris field anywhere from 270,000 to 5,800,000 square miles.

The effect on wildlife is devastating - nearly half of the albatrosses born i the area die, many after eating plastic.

Dyson wants to change this.Called the M.V. Recyclone barge, the concept targets plastic in rivers before it gets a chance to make it to the sea.

Dyson explained:"Large skim nets unfurl from the rollers at its stern and are anchored on each side of the river. Hydraulic winches wind them in and out.

"The nets face upstream and skim the surface of the river for floating debris.

"The plastic waste is shredded on board and then different grades of plastic are separated by a huge cyclone - very similar to the way our cyclonic vacuums work."

Although it has yet to leave the drawing board, good luck to the man. Cleaning up the Earth's oceans is a noble feat indeed...

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