iOS 8 Rumours Multiply As Screens Leak Across The Web

iOS 8 Rumours Multiply

A number of new and intriguing rumours have hit the web surrounding iOS 8, Apple's next mobile operating system.

The new OS should be announced at the start of June at Apple's WWDC conference in San Francisco. A beta release should follow shortly after, with a full release around the same time as the next iPhone in September/October.

But as to what features the OS will include, that's remained pretty much under wraps.

We've known for a while that health will be a bigger focus than ever - and you only have to look at the Galaxy S5 to see that other manufacturers think so too. That's why Apple's new Healthbook app is so important. The app will track everything from steps and exercise to heart rate, and potentially even metrics like blood sugar and blood pressure.

Beyond that, we've previously heard about the potential addition of TextEdit and Preview - though some think that's a little far fetched.

Now a few new rumours are starting to emerge. They include:

Take a look at our video above for the full low-down on all the new rumours.

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