15/04/2014 06:25 BST | Updated 15/04/2014 06:59 BST

Why Graduates Should Consider Working For A Start-Up Business

Tom Johnson
NACUE's recent event of students chatting with start-ups

Britain has a thriving startup and small business scene with more 140,000 new startups launched this year alone, so why do so many students only consider the big recruiters as a career option post-university?

We think more graduates should be thinking about starting out their career in a startup. But why would anybody choose to work for a startup over a comfortable corporate job? We spoke to the lovely people over at NACUEand they gave us an insight into why they think start-ups are better than big companies.

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1. There’s so many to choose from!

There are hundreds of thousands of small businesses and startups across the UK. Whatever you’re passionate about, the chances are that there’s companies who share that passion and want people like you working for them.

2. You get real responsibility from day one

In a startup every employee has to pull their weight from day one. This isn’t for everyone but it does mean that you’ll get real responsibility (and great experience to add to your CV) from day one. When starting at NACUE, the author of this article was put in charge of delivering a six figure contract with a major bank, a terrifying and rewarding experience in equal measure!

3. You’ll get to be involved at different levels of the company

In the world of startups everyone pulls together to solve problems, regardless of their job description. One day you might be pitching to a major client and the next day writing a press release or updating the company website. It’s an exciting and varied environment and you’ll never hear anyone say “It’s more than my jobs worth.”

4. The chance to be part of a small and committed team

Startups only hire people who are passionate about the business they are building. This means that everyone cares about the company, you’ve all got something in common, and the working environment is awesome! For example, in a large company, recognition from CEO’s or Founders is something that can take years to achieve, but in a startup you’ll get this everyday. (They’re also just as likely to make the tea!)

Start-up life is not for everyone - it’s challenging, diverse and sometimes unstable. But, for those who are doing it, that’s often the best part! It’s addictive and every day is different.

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