‘Party House' Review: 8 Things We Learnt From E4's New Show

The concept behind E4’s new show ‘Party House’ is pretty simple: Take one group of pals, give them a super swish pad and more alcohol than most people drink in a year, and watch everything implode. And it’s brilliant.

Unlike other reality TV shows such as ‘Made In Chelsea’ and ‘TOWIE', ‘Party House’ focuses on a new group of mates each week, eliminating the month-long build-ups to key scenes and revelations.

'Party House'

We weren’t too sure if we’d be able to learn to love the characters in just an hour - especially when they have silly names like Shooey - however our hearts warmed to the gang surprisingly quickly. Yes, even to Martin, who despite his slightly blank eyes actually demonstrated feelings and emotions.

So what did we learn? More than you’d imagine, actually…

  1. There are people with names sillier than Cheska, Gabalicious and Binky. Yaz, Shoey, Lucca - we mean you. We know we sound like our nans but honestly, where are the Emmas? Or Toms?
  2. A new cast each week is genius. It’s taking an awful long time for the ‘Is Alex Mytton cheating?’ issue to be resolved on ‘MIC’, but on ‘Party House’ there’s no time for all that dallying about. With just an hour to fit all the action in, all the dirty secrets come spilling out in no time.
  3. What happens in Brighton doesn’t stay in Brighton. Determined to make sure things didn’t fall apart, approximately 50% of the first group of mates to go into the house attempted to keep the events of a previous weekend in the coastal town a secret. ‘Attempted’ being the key word.
  4. Flashbacks to things that happened 15 minutes ago can sometimes be necessary. At first the flashbacks seemed a bit OTT, but by the 45-minute mark we were extremely thankful for the refresher courses in who’d copped off with who, and which blue-haired vixen Shoey fancied.

The party pad is handed over to a group of friends for 24 hours

  • The ‘Made In Chelsea’ cast aren’t actually incestuous at all (at least not compared to Laura and her mates).
  • It’s possible to care about a character who seems to have the emotional capacity of a shoe. When Martin was rejected by Lillia, we couldn’t help but feel a little sad for him. Despite seeming nonchalant in the run-up to the big bash, Martin was clearly more than a little upset by Lillia’s harsh words.
  • Cheers-ing to ‘being friends’ after you’ve declared your love to someone in front of a room of fifty people is as awkward as it sounds.
  • There needs to be a follow-up show. Will Laura and Shooey go the distance? Can the pals perfect their impression of Lucca’s drunken microphone moment? We need to know.
  • ‘Party House’ is on E4, on Wednesdays at 10pm.

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