And left the joke stone cold dead. READ MORE: But of course, all good things must come to an end. After the two channels
We need a significant in how we provide political education and information in the UK. This patronising, panicky intervention from Channel 4 is not a step in the right direction.
'Empire' has wowed audiences in the States, and now it’s set to take the UK, with its first episode debuting tonight. Billed
Channel 4 will shut down E4 on the day of the general election to persuade more young people to stop watching television
Channel 4 bosses have announced they'll be pulling the plug on an entire channel - for one day only - in an effort to get
The concept behind E4’s new show ‘Party House’ is pretty simple: Take one group of pals, give them a super swish pad and
‘This Morning’ presenter Holly Willoughby has said what we were all thinking and given ‘Made In Chelsea’ star Jamie Laing
Honesty is the best policy. Isn't it? Although I finally realised my true feelings for Alex and was ready to lay my cards on the table... then Binky revealed the reality of what happened. Gutting? Sure. Embarassing? Very, but I will always have my friend's interests at heart. If it makes the both of them happy, it makes me happy.
Season Five of Made in Chelsea returned to our screens Monday, and what better way to celebrate all things Chelsea than with a list of our favourite haunts? We've put together a list of the best luxury hotels located in the Sloane Square, Knightsbridge and South Kensington area.
For a while now the ongoing trend of recycled entertainment has been stronger than ever. In an age where we're blessed with a wealth of creative talent that's never been more accessible the question has to be asked of some of the larger media companies as to why they're taking the easy way out.
After watching the pilot I had to accept that, what makes this show so unique, so funny, are its stars, the interns. Yes, we actors busted our balls (and our nerves and possibly our sanity) to stay in character for so long and deal with whatever came our way. But the comedy gold was in the interns' faces.
The Guardian called it "bold, imaginative, original, and dead funny" and Metro says they could "save the British comedy duo
Skins, which helped launch the careers of Nicholas Hoult and Dev Patel, has been axed after seven series. The show, about
Noel Fielding has revealed he and Julian Barratt are "finally" getting to work on The Mighty Boosh movie. The film adaptation
You're single. You're female. You've had bad experiences with men in the past. You want to find a quick fix before your friends start tilting their heads on yours shoulders when you complain about it and say "awww", and you hear that there's this new TV show that is offering you the chance to win £25,000 and the opportunity to choose any one of eleven attractive single guys to fall in love with!
Judging by its opening gambit, Scousewives clings safely to the template laid down by its southern cousins in Essex and Chelsea, opening with a conformist series of oddly stunted conversational scenes resembling the awkward preliminary stages of a porn film, and concluding with some party or function to usher in the histrionics.
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Fox should have iced The Simpsons about a decade ago, as it was around that time that it started haemorrhaging the funny at alarming speed. As it currently stands, watching The Simpsons is like seeing the one-time best footballer in the world playing Saturday league and getting paid in bottles of Lucozade.
In America, Olivia Munn is a star. That's not the case here yet, despite her showing in E4 comedy Perfect Couples, in which