15/08/2016 18:30 BST

BBC Three And E4 Had A Poetry Slam-Off On Twitter And It Got Very Heated

Then ITV2 got involved and ruined it.

So apparently BBC Three isn't a fan of Big Bang Theory

Social media is a murky place for brands and companies; many have fallen foul of the dreaded Twitterstorm - a fierce backlash sparked by an ill-advised or mistaken tweet. 

But sometimes they can conjure up some class A chat: first there was the Sainsbury’s fish puns extravaganza, then the Pret A Manger three-hour crayfish joke-fest.

But adversaries BBC Three And E4 both decided to get in on the action today, engaging in some pretty harsh poetry slamming. 

The pair’s Twitter accounts took aim at one another, riffing on the famous ‘Roses are red’ verse to tear one another to shreds. 

Read their masterful exchange play out below:

But of course, all good things must come to an end. After the two channels, which traditionally compete for the same demographic of audience, had finished ripping at each other, ITV2 decided to weigh in too. 

And left the joke stone cold dead.