This Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle Could Be The (Expensive) Future Of E-Biking

Behold the future of motorcycling. Possibly.

This is the Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle and's it's pretty loaded with hi-tech stuff.

First, the engine. It uses a 11 kw hub-mounted motor that delivers 14 horsepower with a relatively decent top speed of 74mph.

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The motors use electromagnetic charge to turn the wheels eliminating the need for the usual gears, axles and transmission making the bike lighter and much more efficient.

All this means it can manage a pretty impressive 125 miles on a single charge.

Even more impressively, it only takes 3.5 hours to fully juice up.

The tech goodies don't stop there - the side mirrors also display the bike's speed and range.

If you want one then you'll have to pay considerably more than you would for a regular bike.

It costs £20,640 for the 125 mile range version and a cheaper model capable of 93 miles is £18,999.