Baby Found Dead In San Jose Car After 'Forgetful' Dad Forgot To Drop Off Child

Baby 'Left In Car By Forgetful Dad' Found Dead
The car was parked on Payne Avenue
The car was parked on Payne Avenue
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A baby died after his father allegedly forgot to drop him off with a babysitter and left him in his car seat as he worked all day.

Police are investigating the death of the nine-month-old child, who was found unconscious by his father after he returned to his vehicle.

The little boy was pronounced dead a short time later. While homicide detectives are conducting an investigation, they did not arrest the father.

The man told investigators that he had forgotten to drop his child off with a babysitter, San Jose Police Department spokeswoman Sergeant Heather Randol said.

The man parked his SUV in a residential street and picked up a van he reportedly uses for work.

Joe Nijmeh, who lives at the Payne Avenue residence, described the father to local media as a good man who is grief-stricken.

"He's a very responsible father and just so proud of the baby," Nijmeh said. "It was like a gift from heaven for them. He usually takes the baby to the babysitter and then goes to work. But something went wrong in the communication."

The baby remained inside the parked SUV for 10 hours until his father returned to find his son unconscious, ABC reported.

The boy's cause of death has not been released. However, infants who die after being left in cars for long periods often succumb to heat stroke.

The identities of the father and baby have not been disclosed.


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