Cthulhu All-Spark: Expectant Parents Asked The Internet To Name Their Child, This Was The Result...

Expectant Parents Ask The Internet To Name Their Child, This Was The Result..

In a case of crowdsourcing gone horribly wrong (or possibly horribly right), an expectant couple turned to the Internet to help name their new baby.

New dad Stephen McLaughlin set up namemydaughter.com and asked all 2.89 million Redditors to name his newborn. The result was exactly what you would expect when you ask the Internet to name your unborn child.

Reddit, the wonderful wild creature that it is, refused to be tamed when it came to name creativity, with suggestions including: Megatron Salad, Streetlamp of-the-sea, Yana Don’t-Blink and Chalupa Batman.

The number one baby name choice, out of 150,000 votes in all, was “Cthulhu” – the tentacle-faced monster of South Park and science-fiction fame.

All hail Cthulhu

The full winning name was Cthulu All-Spark — with Cthulu being the first name, All-Spark being her middle name, obviously.

But the name was vetoed by the parents for a much prettier Amelia Savannah Joy McLaughlin.

Amelia's mother, Kathryn, gave a nod to the Internet's favourite, though, writing in a Facebook post: "All bow down to the great and powerful Cthulhu."


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