Hoverboard Virtual Reality Simulator: Now You Can Live 'Back To The Future' For Real

You Can Now Ride A Hoverboard (In Virtual Reality)

The hoverboard from 'Back To The Future Part II' was one Hollywood's cruelest tricks - an idea which seems so simple, but remains so far out of reach for even humanity's greatest minds (and PR agencies).

Well now you can ride one for real - courtesy of the rapid advances in virtual reality tech.

A hack made with an Oculus Rift headset and a Wii Balance Board has given gamers the first real chance to ride a hoverboard as seen in the movie, and feel like they're really there.

It's just an early glimpse at how the idea might progress - but it's clear how immersive the experience could be given a longer development time. At least once October 21 2015 finally rolls around, they'll be some way to escape from Biff's minions - even if it's just inside a computer.

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