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The tech company made the announcement during a livestream on Monday.
People on Twitter hilariously dragged Mark Zuckerberg's new “metaverse” offering – a virtual reality remote work app.
As digital fashion weeks struggle to reach audiences, will 5G-powered XR experiences win people back?
Find out how RYOT’s first-of-its-kind, revolutionary VR fashion experience came about – from those who made it happen – in this special Fashion Week presentation.
RYOT's virtual reality fashion show showcases the work of designers Charli Cohen, Damara and Sabinna, and gives us a glimpse into the immense opportunities for fashion presentations in the future.
Virtual-reality developers in California have created a character whose job it is to get fired every day. Barry is part of a workplace training tool to help management and employees deal with difficult situations.
It’s important that developers consider their potential exposure and liability, should the worst happen