NASA's 'Earth From Orbit' Highlights Reel Is Literally Awesome

NASA has unveiled its annual look back at the Earth from orbit.

The video includes clips from its orbiting space ships of our planet, and information about various solar storms and dramatic aurorae which struck the Earth this year.

Some of the images are taken from even further afield, including the Messenger space craft in orbit around Mercury, and Cassini which is currently circling Saturn.

Nasa explained:

"A look back at Earth in 2013 from the viewpoint of orbit reveals the kind of data gathering and technical achievement that are the reason NASA puts Earth-observing satellites in space. A visualization of satellite and computer model data shows how a cloud of dust from the Chelyabinsk meteor moved around the world. NASA satellites measured the intensity of wildfires, the salinity of the oceans and rainfall around the globe -- whether it was too little or too much."

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