Why Do Cats Sit On Laptops? Kitty-Friendly Computer Desk Will Keep Them Off Your Keyboard

LYCS Architecture

As anyone who's ever owned a cat will know, our feline friends simply love sitting on laptops.

Seriously, the moment you sit down at your computer the cat will come waltzing over and plonk itself right in the middle of the keyboard. (They also like to do this when you read the Sunday papers.)

Such is the extent of the problem that 'Cats On Laptops' Tumblr and Twitter accounts have been created to bring awareness to the problem.

But luckily cat-loving designer, Ruan Hao, is on hand to bring you the CATable - a computer desk specially designed to entertain your cat, while leaving you in (relative) peace.


Everyone's a winner.

Measuring 78cm * 70cm * 150cm, the wooden desk includes various holes and tunnels to entertain your inquisitive kitty cat, allowing you to get on with work (or play).

Cat owners - what do you think of the design? Let us know in the comments below...