New 'Transforming' Crystal Display Could Lead To Amazing New Types Of Camouflage

This Amazing New Screen Tech Could Lead To Incredibly Flexible Gadgets

The trend is pretty clear - in the future displays aren't just going to be little square things in front of a keyboard or pointed at your sofa.

They're going to be curved, or bent. Or made of bubbles.

Now thanks to a new form of 'chameleon' crystal display, they could be all three at once.

Scientists at the University of Michigan have come up with a new type of material that they say can change its physical appearance when it comes into contact with light.

The crystals inside the display react differently to different wavelenths and can move around and make patterns without needing a template. Suspended in a solution above a sheet of indium tin oxide, the crystals can make any shape your want them too - and can be coated around any object.

The potential uses are enormous - from active camouflage to interesting new interactive displays for gadgets.

Take a look at how it works in the video above.


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