Facebook Newswire: Social Network Wants To Break News, Not Just Highlight It

Facebook has always been a place to find interesting news - even if quite a lot of it ends up being baby announcements, rants about UKIP and cat videos.

But now Facebook wants to make the news as well - and no, we don't mean its latest earnings announcement.

Facebook has announced a new official page designed to break original news, and aimed specifically at journalists and newsrooms.

Facebook Newswire is described as "a resource for journalists that aggregates newsworthy social content shared publicly on Facebook by individuals and organizations".

Powered by Storyful, the page is a way for Facebook to highlight original news and spread those kernels of information, pictures and video to journalists and media sources.

"FB Newswire is a resource that designed to make it even easier for you to find, share and embed original, newsworthy content from Facebook in the media you produce.

Look forward to first-person photos, videos, and status updates posted publicly on Facebook from the front lines of newsworthy events around the world which have been selected and verified by Storyful’s editorial team.

Like FB Newswire here on Facebook or follow along on Twitter at @FBNewswire for real-time updates and alerts. We look forward to your feedback and ideas."

Among the stories on the page shortly after launch were a mix of hard news, space pictures and videos of President Obama's trip to Japan:

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