Flappy Bird Return: Is It About To Happen For Real?

Flappy Bird Return: Is It About To Happen For Real?

By some margin, Flappy Bird was the biggest video game story of the winter. And yes, in search volume terms at least that includes the PS4 and the Xbox One.

And the news that the game was about to return last month was similarly widely read.

But since then we haven't heard very much… until now?

It might just be time for Flappy Bird to flap again.

First to dispel some myths. No, the game called 'Flappy Bird: New Season',which recently showed up in the App Store and rose up to the top of the charts in days, is not Flappy Bird - it's just a pixel perfect clone. It doesn't play exactly the same as the old game, but it's close.

Second, Flappy48 isn't an official game either - it too is just a clone, though in this case a fairly inventive one which combines two popular games into one.

Twitter also holds bad news - or rather a lack of it. The game's creator Dong Nguyen hasn't tweeted for several days and there are no signs of the revamped game on his website either.

The truth is that nobody quite knows when Flappy Bird is coming back. All we know is that it's closer than ever - by definition.

"Flappy Bird has changed the face of mobile gaming forever and I could not agree more with Dong's decision to bring it back to the app store" Dale Carr, CEO and founder of LeadBolt, told The Reporter.

"Commercially it's a smart decision as it gives Dong the opportunity to develop the app further. He is clearly getting ripped off by all the clones so it's definitely a good move to bring it back to the store. At the height of its popularity, Flappy Bird was earning Dong more than $50,000 per day, and even after he removed it from the App Store, the game has continued earning him money."


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