10 Reasons Why Wales Is A Great Place To Study

10 Reasons To Study In Wales
Sam Whitfield via Getty Images

Wales is becoming a very popular place to study. This year saw a 6% increase in the number of students applying to Welsh universities.

But what is it about Wales that attracts so many people? Well the scenery is great for one thing. Dotted between all the sheep, Wales has miles of beaches, valleys and mountains (well just three official mountains; but there are plenty of big hills).

And where there isn't amazing scenery there are cities. Cities with incredible bars and shops and city stuff.

And Wales is certainly able to sell itself. Remember, this is the country that has dragons as their national animal, despite there not being all that much proof that Wales is full of dragons. Near the town of Cardigan (yes, it's a real place) there is a museum that specialises in the history of Welsh thermodynamic energy. Pretty dull right? But what did those canny Welsh call it? THE FIRE MUSEUM OF POWER. That name's so manly it makes Sylvestor Stallone look like Robert Pattinson and Robert Pattinson look like Selina Gomez.

Cardiff University suggested themselves, but then they would say that wouldn't they?

Actually, come to think about it Wales is pretty great. If Wales was a person he'd be a big friendly outdoorsy sort of chap. Not like that sulky Isle of White who won't return our calls. Yes it may rain more than England, but England's not a exactly the Sahara. Complaining Wales has worse weather than England is like saying drinking paint is worst than drinking Fosters. True, but only slightly.

So let's celebrate Wales by pointing out the 10 main reasons you should consider studying there:


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