What Do Jimmy Savile, Andy Murray and Kermit Have In Common? They All Have Honorary Degrees

What Do Jimmy Savile, Andy Murray and Kermit Have In Common?
This is Kermit the Frog
This is Kermit the Frog
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Good news! You don’t have to revise for your exams. Well, sort of. Assuming you’re really good at tennis.

Two days ago Andy Murray got his honorary degree from Stirling University. And it wasn’t even in being able to hit green balls well. It was a proper degree in a subject and everything.

And he’s far from the only celeb to get a free degree. So you don’t even have to be good at tennis. You could try acting, like Ben Affleck, who got an honorary doctorate from Brown University. You could pretend to be a vampire like Alexander Skarsgard and get one from Leeds Metropolitan University. Or you could do, um, something like Dannii Minogue and get a doctor of media from Southampton Solent University.

OR you could be anti-feminist like Phyllis Schlafly and get one from Washington University (not recommended).

That’s right, just become internationally renowned and you’ll probably get a degree thrown at you by some university looking for free publicity.

The list of honorary degrees holders is a long list full of some very prestigious names. And also, some maybe not so prestigious names. In fact quite shocking names are included in this list. As late as 2009 Mugabe still held honorary degrees with a couple of American Universities. Okay he’s probably the worst. But still, there are some celebs on this list that will make you double take. Or triple take. Or even quadruple take. You’ll do so many takes it’ll look like you’ve developed a nervous twitch.

Here are 10 of the more surprising celebrities who hold honorary degrees.

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