Smoking Toddler: Little Boy Shown How To Inhale Cigarette By Father While Mother Giggles (VIDEO)

Vile footage of a toddler puffing on a cigarette under the apparent guidance of his father has gone viral.

The footage - thought to be from Russia - reveals a naked child standing at a kitchen table, while a man smokes.

The little boy is handed the cigarette and takes a few cautionary puffs, at one point obviously exhaling smoke.

Just vile: Learning to smoke at the kitchen table

Disturbingly, once the man claims the cigarette back the little boy bursts into tears and can only be calmed when he is handed another cigarette. He gestures for a lighter and holds it to his mouth, in an obvious attempt to copy his teacher.

When the boy drops his cigarette onto the counter and puts it back into his mouth the wrong way around, the man reacts with shock and revulsion, because that's the issue at hand here, clearly.

Horrible, horrible, horrible.

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