What's Your Favourite 1980s TV Theme Music? We Celebrate The Best Timeless Tunes...

30 years ago today... saw the debut of the renowned 'steal from the rich, give to the poor' blockbuster series, 'Robin of Sherwood (aka 'the hooded man' according to his music)'.

Michael Praed starred as, arguably, one of TV's finest archers

Apart from Michael Praed's slice and dice cheekbones, the most memorable thing about this 1980s romp through the shires was the haunting theme tune, courtesy of Irish folk bestsellers Clannad, also responsible for the theme tune to 'Harry's Game', and one-time musical play-fellows of album-shifting juggernaut Enya.

To celebrate the anniversary of this striking debut, we've put together our list of most memorable 1980s theme tunes - what's your favourite, and what have we missed?

Try making it more enticing by covering up the name on the right, and seeing how many you get right out of 29...

Altogether now... "up above the streets and houses... "