Escape To Happiness Without Even Leaving Your Computer

Toshiro Shimada via Getty Images

Take regular breaks, get up, stretch, move about, leave the office, for the love of all things healthy STOP STARING AT YOUR COMPUTER! That's the general advice when you tell friends and professionals you're stressed out at your desk.

It's great advice but leaving isn't the only option for destressing. There are plenty of ways to escape into a peaceful world of your own without even getting out of your chair and it's all thanks to the internet.

We don't just mean sneaking in a crafty Facebook break or falling down the knowledge rabbit hole that is Wikipedia. No, sir. What we're talking about are the apps, games and services which offer up a glimpse at another world or soothe the soul. They're a chance to reset and refresh, to remind you your computer can be a friendly and positive space instead of just a teetering pile of urgent emails.

Some you'll have heard of, some will be new and others might sound utterly bizarre or outside your usual online beat. Some will be appropriate for dipping in and out of during your work day and others are better for free evenings or lunch hours.

We'd encourage you to give them all a try and share your own suggestions in the comments. You never know, you might just help make someone else's day!

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