Lily Allen Puts On Sexy 'Drunk In Love' Performance Dressed As Beyoncé At G-A-Y (PICS)

Lily Allen Performs 'Drunk In Love'... Dressed As Beyoncé

Lily Allen gave a racy performance at London nightspot G-A-Y over the weekend to promote her new album ‘Sheezus’, where she paid tribute to Beyoncé’s recent hit ‘Drunk In Love’, and performed the Destiny’s Child classic ‘Survivor’.

In fact we were seeing double as she appeared onstage in a barely-there outfit and blonde wig, replicating Beyoncé's look in the ‘Drunk In Love’ video while she lip-synced for her life to the diva's vocals.

Lily Allen performs 'Drunk In Love' as Beyoncé

As a finale, she even had a bucket of water thrown over her, referencing the song’s beach-themed video which sees both Beyoncé and Jay Z performing next to the sea at night time.

Lily has water thrown over her at G-A-Y

However, Lily was later forced to take to her Twitter page to explain that the performance wasn’t intended to cause any offence to Beyoncé, and instead was a “drag” tribute to her.

She explained:

Lily also took the opportunity to clear up some of the confusion surrounding her ‘Sheezus’ music video, which she unveiled last week.

The song contains references to Katy Perry, Rihanna and Lady Gaga in its chorus, though Lily is adamant that the lyrics weren’t intended to put any of them down.

She then wrote that she was tired of “f***ing boring” false stories being written about her, tweeting:

Lily is due to release her third album ‘Sheezus’ on May 3, her first collection of new music in five years.

Lily Allen gets close to a scantily clad backing dancer

The tracks we’ve heard so far include ‘Hard Out Here’ and ‘Our Time’, both of which have caused controversy for their music videos.

The clip for ‘Hard Out Here’ - which discusses sexism in the music industry - faced accusations of racism after the singer featured black dancers twerking and pouring champagne over themselves.

Meanwhile, MTV refused to play the ‘Our Time’ video as it features the singer having a drunken brawl outside of a chip shop - with herself in a blonde wig, no less - while dressed as a hot dog.

Style Evolution: Lily Allen

Style Evolution: Lily Allen

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