Katie Price Brands 'Big Brother' Abortion Wannabe Josie Cunningham 'Absolutely Disgusting'

'I Think You're Absolutely Disgusting'

Katie Price has hit out at ‘Big Brother’ wannabe Josie Cunningham, the glamour model who controversially announced earlier this month she was planning to have an abortion so she could appear on the Channel 5 reality show.

Josie, who has compared herself to Katie in the past, previously revealed she had fallen pregnant with either a Premier League footballer or one of her clients while working as an escort, but was planning on terminating her 18-week pregnancy so she could appear on ‘Big Brother’.

Katie Price and Josie Cunningham

Katie is seemingly not impressed with Josie’s decision, or the fact she’s comparing the two of them, writing in her column for Now magazine: “Josie is still comparing herself to me but we are nothing alike. Listen up, Josie: I think you're absolutely disgusting.

"You may have the fame you crave but it's for all the wrong reasons and I'm sure your family are horrified. When you're older you'll look back and regret this. There's no chance of you ever being the new me - or the old me."

Josie, who has since announced she won't be going through with her abortion after feeling her unborn child kicking, has hit back at Katie on Twitter, saying she wouldn’t want to follow in her career footsteps and mocking her infamous sex tape with former Another Level star Dane Bowers.

She wrote, in a string of tweets that have since been deleted: “Babe, you've got it all wrong - I've never looked up to you as a career role model, just as a hard working mother.

"I wouldn't copy you for a career, I mean - having Dane Bowers toe up my v***** and then leaking it as a sex tape isn't my kind of thing.”

Josie then really hit Katie where it hurts, adding she’d rather be compared to Emily MacDonagh, the fiancée of Katie’s ex-husband Peter Andre, saying: “Truth is, like most of the country - I find Emily MacDonagh a real role model. She's well educated with class. Pete done well."

Katie revealed in an interview last week that - five years after they first announced they were divorcing - she was not planning on ever speaking to Peter again.

But while Peter might be getting the silent treatment, we don't think it'll be long before she has something to say to Josie...

Style Evolution: Katie Price

Style Evolution: Katie Price

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