Finger Trap Test Apparently Determines Whether You're Hot Or Not

Social media has some pretty weird ways of quantifying beauty: first there was #thighgap, then there was #bikinibridge and now there is slightly less insidious (but equally ridiculous) finger trap test.

Taking social media by storm - specifically Weibo, the Chinese version of Facebook - thousands of people have taken part.

The way you determine if you're beautiful is to place your index finger against your chin and nose to see if your lips touch it. If they do, well done - call Karl Lagerfeld and tell him he's found his new muse. If not, you may as well stop brushing your hair, don a hessian sack and quit society for life.

HuffPost UK Lifestyle's Brogan Driscoll passes with flying colours...

Spotted by, they say the method - which is loosely based on the 3:1 ratio that cosmetic surgeons use - is currently trending in over 200,000 Weibo discussions, largely among women.

But if you don't score well, don't be too disheartened. They write: "the phenomenon also appears to be mostly in jest. According to this method, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Christina Hendricks would all be considered victims of the ugly stick."

How did the HuffPost UK Lifestyle team score? Well, Brogan Driscoll, my assistant editor is clearly a hottie, while I am a nottie.

Not quite...

"Is it a sign of beauty? That's a stretch. But part of beauty is determined by symmetry and correct proportions. However, it take no account of someone's energy and personality."

How did you score?