Will Your Degree Leave You Unemployed After You Graduate?

Will your degree leave you in the dole queue?
Will your degree leave you in the dole queue?

There are some degrees which are pretty likely to leave you out of work and claiming benefits, according to official figures released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

The stats suggest geography is the least employable degree. Geographers are notoriously subjected to teasing at university, and it seems this (false, we think) belief the subject is a doss has spread to employers.

All the usual suspects subjected to snobbery, like sports science, media studies and education are also on the list.

But so-called prestigious subjects hardly fare better. History is the fourth least employable subject, while French takes the fifth spot.

English is also among the top twenty unemployable subjects, although perhaps this is hardly surprising. After all, as the novelist Zadie Smith once told an interviewer, "generally, an English Lit degree trains you to be a useless member of the modern world".

And for the princely sum of £9,000 a year, is a degree even worth the cash if you're queuing for jobseeker’s allowance at the end of it all?

But these statistics only account for students who have found a career six months after they graduate. It does not take into account young people who want to travel, or who have found unpaid internships and work experience placements.

For science students, things are less bleak. A survey by Which has shown which degrees produce the highest-paid starting salary. Medicine comes out top, followed by other science and economics-based subjects.

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