Bristol Water Slide Draws Hundreds Of Thrill Seekers To Park Street

Bristol's Park Street Is One Giant Water Slide

A massive water slide in Bristol has attracted hundreds of people eager to take advantage of the unique thrill event.

The 90m (295ft) beast has taken residence on Park Street and is made from from plastic sheets, hay bales, water and washing-up liquid.

One hundred thousand people applied for tickets but only 360 places were available.

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Organiser Luke Jerram told the BBC: "We've got about 300 or 400 hay bales all in a line. It's an extraordinary site.

"If you look at photographs in the 1900s you see these beautiful empty streets with all the kids playing out.

"It's an extraordinary thing and all that has been taken away. I'm happy to take over a street, and this slide is an architectural intervention really."


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