05/05/2014 07:37 BST | Updated 05/05/2014 07:59 BST

Israeli Solider Points Gun Towards Palestinian Teen's Head (VIDEO) (PICTURES)

These images show the moment an Israeli soldier in the West Bank pointed and cocked a gun towards the head of a Palestinian teenager.

They are taken from footage that was shot in Hebron by Youth Against Settlements, a group of Palestinian activists, and aired last week on Israeli TV.

israeli gun point

The soldier reportedly threatened to 'put a bullet in your head' during the confrontation

The footage shows one teen standing close to the soldier, then moving closer. The soldier then shoves the teen and raises and cocks his weapon a few inches from the teenager.

Another young Palestinian appears behind the soldier who turns around with his weapon and shouts something.

They both move away from the soldier, who kicks them as they do so.

The soldier then walks over to someone else who is filming.

israeli soldier gun

israeli soldier gun

The soldier was reprimanded for his behaviour, prompting other soldiers to post online messages in his support

The Associated Press reported he says "Turn off the camera," and "I'll put a bullet in your head".

AP also reported the reprimand of the soldier triggered an online outpouring of frustration by Israeli soldiers about their service in the West Bank.

Thousands of people posted messages on social media backing the soldier after the army said he violated "norms of behavior", AP reported.

It was reported that one of the teens had brass knuckles on during the confrontation. But Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported he was actually carrying Muslim prayer beads.