West Bank

Every company that makes money from the occupation is contributing to the entrenchment of ‘a discriminatory regime’
Striking photos from the occupied West Bank have revealed street artist Banksy’s latest work - a royal “apology” engraved
Street artist Banksy has opened a hotel just metres away from the wall that divides the Israeli and Palestinian territories
Theresa May should put Britain's opposition to settlement building in the West Bank centre-stage when she meets Israel's
This was the dream: Gaza, the West Bank. Today. A wedding is being planned between two young lovers, their families excited
Graffiti artist Marck Emaya is a Fine Arts student at Dar al-Kalima University College Arts and Culture in Bethlehem. From
A non-profit social enterprise has set out to empower women from low income communities in the West Bank by enabling them to use their talents and train them in artisan work to build a better future for themselves and their families